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N.R.E.R. INC. would like to welcome you to the ultimate real estate property resource site for Buyers, Contractors, Investors, Property Owners, Real Estate Owned Companies(REO),Renters, and Sellers. 

N.R.E.R. INC. services and the description of these services are listed within this site. Please familiarize yourself with our services, and if you should desire other services not listed, please contact us via chat, e-mail, fax, phone call, or video conferencing so we can assist you further.

N.R.E.R. INC. services are conducted Nationally. With satellite offices throughout the U.S. Below is a brief summary of the services provided by N.R.E.R. INC. For more information you can select the appropriate tab to go directly to the service page. On each service page you can detailed description of the various services we offer and you are able to order services or request for more information directly on that page.
HARD MONEY FUNDING- Helping Property Owners obtain private and hard money funding for fix&flips, Business&Personal Uses, Refinancing, Repairs, Renovations

JUDGMENT ENFORCEMENT- Helping Businesses and Consumers recover financial losses.


PRE-FORECLOSURE SERVICES- Helping Property Owners(Homeowners&Investors)dispose or retain their properties.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE- Providing maintenance services such as code compliance repairs, emergency repairs, pre-sale repairs, rental turnovers, and routine repairs for property owners.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT-Creating pleasant experiences for Owners&Tenants. Relationship building helps us to identify the healthy traits and habits of a good Tenant. While preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and frequent inspections helps us to minimize the Owner's expenditures. However it doesn't stop there. Owners let us customize a management package to fit your needs. Prospective Tenants/Tenants a pleasant rental experience awaits you.



PROPERTY PRESERVATION-Providing initial&periodic interior&exterior inspections, interior&exterior maintenance, emergency repairs, and pre-sale repairs for financial institutions, investment groups, real estate brokers and real estate owned companies.

R.E.A.P.(REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION PROGRAM)-We are Individuals&Investors looking to purchase properties throughout the country. Property Owners if you are looking to sell your property quickly. We are motivated to purchase your property. Even if you have no equity in your property we want to present you an offer today.

Regardless of the Service you choose, N.R.E.R. INC. will be relentless in our efforts to provide you the ultimate experience. It is our intentions to exceed your expectations. Consider our team as your strategic partner in all your real estate endeavors.


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We hope you can find everything you need. National Real Estate Resources is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. "THE ULTIMATE REAL ESTATE CONCIERGE".

*All services performed on behalf of Owners/or Others is based on the Customer hiring us to perform the services. This relationship will be consider a Employer/Employee relationship.

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